Craptions Classics June 17, 2007

When architects leave blueprints just lying around the house, children with crayons are going to make improvements.


Other Craptions

Michael was surprised when the lending company charged him exorberant interest rates on his personal loan, although in retrospect, the signs were there from the start.

Haschel Cedricson

We're gonna need a bigger office.


The shark giggled as another worker came in through the rear entrance.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

He pays his rent on time, sure, but we haven't seen the window cleaners in a month...


The deleted alternate ending to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home featured a 'hilarious' transporter malfunction.

Harry Haphazard

Even Darwin himself would have been shocked at the turn evolution took at the start of the twenty-first century


They should have flushed it down the toilet when they had the chance.


The guys on the 8th floor used to laugh at Aquaman's ability to talk to fish. They weren't laughing any more.


Some would criticize the controversial direction Michael Bay went with the new Transformers movie.

I, for one, welcome his changes.


Gotta love a law firm with a sense for cynicism ...


When sharks move really slow, people get bored and just build around them.


The loan shark closes in on it's prey.


The "Minnow School of Driving" next door never saw it coming.


Yeah, the office is on the corner of Fifth and Main. Don't worry, you can't miss it. It's the one with the big trees.

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