Craptions Classics June 14, 2007

They laughed as the shark did his best "asian face" impression.


Other Craptions

...and below, two members of the human species. As you will see in a minute, they cannot survive in the water.


You see my dear, I've already merged sharks with chainsaws. It's only a matter of time before we perfect the lasers too, and then... the world is ours!


It's customary at Shinto weddings for the bride and groom to take LSD.


The fish cackled mercilessly as he began to saw, he was gonna give these assholes a wedding shower they would never forget.


What's that swordfish? Timmy's trapped in a well?


Wu insisted on a traditional Scientology ceremony.


Kenji laughed when he saw the sawfish with the huge penis, but inside, he cried.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

And now, it's off to our honeymoon in the giant beehive.


Larry the Shark thought to himself, "The asian couple really sets my landarium apart from Stan the Squid's. All he has are two cats and a one-legged hobo."


Yes, I see its genitals honey. Please stop staring at them.


The happily married couple are glad to see that Uncle Jinbo could make it after all.


Proms these days are so sexually charged...did the swordfish really have to be humping the glass?


The corner of Jabroni Drive and Know Your Role Blvd. does exist!


As Luo looked up, he realized that after his new bride saw this...she could only be dissapointed on their wedding night.

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