Craptions Classics June 13, 2007

Hung always had a difficult time explaining to first dates exactly what it was he did for a living.

Logical Penguin

Other Craptions

Dr. Nakamura's team at last made their triumphant discovery: the cave where God hid Japanese womens' breasts 10,000 years ago.


After the big push for christmas, the elves were allowed to spend a few days making their own presents.


Every monster movie has the same scene: the idiot humans find the nest and play with the cute, harmless babies, oblivious to the enraged mother sneaking up right behind them for the kill.


"The bad news is, the factory doesn't offer health insurance, and only pays minimum wage."

"What's the good news?"


Jeff's requests for his wife to get breast implants were getting less and less subtle.


Dreams are "made in taiwan" obviously.


The boobs got people implants so they'd be taken more seriously.


Factory workers began production on the props for "What Men Want", starring Jessica Alba.


After 20 experiments on numerous models Dr. Kirafuta and his team still couldn't find the clitoris.


Guys, these floats for the testicular cancer awareness parade arent turning out AT ALL how I thought they would...

Timmy IV

Little Chang get' a part time boob job.


Preperation was already underway for the Beijing 2008 Olympic openning ceremony.


The best job in the world, ever.


So, I heard you got a boob job.

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