Craptions Classics June 12, 2007

Billy finally got the attention he craved after he surgically swapped his penis for a kitten.


Other Craptions

Steve sprayed every single Axe on his body. This picture was taken moments before the whole beach raped him.


Oh how they'd laughed when Colin had replied to the 'Getabigger p3n1s' email. They weren't laughing now.


Connect Four BITCH!


This photo contains a black guy, a stoner, a cross-dresser, a woman holding an invisible glass, a bottle containing a monkey brain, and some dude doing the wiener swing.

Can you spot all six? Ready. GO!

Howie Pheltersnach

"Simon says suck my dick.
...Holy crap, it worked!"

USB animl

The fat girl had been shagged. Twice. His work done, Drunk-Irish-Tourist Man takes to the sky once more in search of stuff no one else will do.


Suddenly Todd realized, kicking sand in the choking toddler's face, throwing his arms in the air, and screaming, "I won bitch!" wasn't a proper form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


"How do YOU like it!?" Johnny shouted as he removed himself from the stingray's chest


"Yes! I love this fantasy... hey, what are dudes doing in it?"

"Well mate, the truth is that you're gay. We've been sent here to ease you in gently."


After initially being unpopular with the gang because of his small physique, Danny found that by sticking his arms in the air and claiming he was now 7 feet 6, worked a charm on those stupid cunts.


and now ladies and gentlemen...without hands!


In order to win the respect of his fellow beachheads, Gary punches God.


Dave was impressive getting the spoon to stay on his nose, of course Frank had to out-do him once again..........................


bill takes the "pull my finger game" a step too far ...

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