Craptions Classics June 10, 2007

Not enough time to save them both. Which will it be, Batman?

Edward Nashton

Other Craptions

"And here's the best part! There's a small opening right here that lets a woman keep valuables in her snatch! No need to worry about thieves when you've got the Panty Protector!"

"...You're fired, Jim."


"You know how some people play music to their children in the womb to stimulate intellectual growth? Well, with this device, you can start the process even earlier."


"I'm sorry Mr. Bond, but MI6 is running out of government funds... So we can only provide you with two gadgets."

Fuzzy Yeti

The human penis has been basically unchanged for millennia. Isn't it about time it had BlackBerry capability?


Habu shows off his impressive middle-eastern bartering skills, by managing to pursuade a man to buy a pair of underpants SOLELY on the fact that they look great with his mobile phone.


Fred chuckled nervously. He wasn't even halfway through the Penis Detector's presentation and the investors were already losing interest.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

"it is very simple, you have just to plug it"


Connecting your cellphone to your penis actually increases sperm count!


"See, honey, it'll totally fit."


Dr. Banner's underwear are radioactive?!?! WHAT COULD THIS MEAN???


CockPod...when you need to call up a 'friend.'


And look, it even tells you when you have shit yourself!


Yes, yes... I bought Michael Jackson's underwear on eBay for $2000. And the ad was right...they still smell like little boys balls!!!


Do not drive and or drive heavy machinery during text messaging sessions, explain that you wearing the iPanties before be admitting in a facility with Psiquiatric Pabellon for seizure or spasms

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