Craptions Classics June 06, 2007

While the holiest of us have guardian angels, the most extreme of us have guardian daredevils.


Other Craptions

This is what happens when you mistake The Rock for a valet.


50 feet in the air and the biker could STILL smell what the Rock was cooking!


This photograph is scaled according to coolness.


The Rock
Evel Knievel

Bad Boys III: We're Running Out Of Ideas


Ever since the Rock got rid of the little angel on his shoulder, the little devil had a lot more time to devote to his true passion.


While normal people have a small "good" and "evil" version of themselves on their shoulders, The Rock has only an "extreme" small self.


"and when i come back down, I tap him on the other shoulder. hehe."


See! It happens every time he pops his neck! I told you!


The Rock's conscious doesn't consist of a devil and an angel that argue all the time; instead, he's got a bike and a rider that often agree with everything.

Choco Taco

A photo-op normally reserved for Kid Rock had to be revised at the last minute.

make glove

On scene at Hollywood's latest blockbuster, "The Rock vs. Motocross Ninjas".


Little known fact, but the Rock worked as an jumpramp before he became a wrestler.


Sadly, the cameraman missed the real action moments later when the Rock climbed the Taurus sign and mid-air-suplexed Rowdy Roddy Biker into the dust for the victory.


oh shit what did i do this time? you touched the jacket bitch!!

chibi shini
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