Craptions Classics May 31, 2007

The soldier looked to the sky, wondering what could be worse than a Kim Jong, a Hitler descendant, and a cross-dressing German man.

Suddenly he had the next NBC sitcom.


Other Craptions

This was no time for Jazz Hands.

Jolly Swagman

The hostage situation was getting desperate, until Kim Jong Ill was brought in to negotiate.


Conspiracy theorists are still yammering on about a second shooter in the assassination of Kim Jong II ealier this week. Apparently, if you squint really hard, you can see him nestled in the foreground of one of the photos.


"I can't even find one stupid dictator. Maybe I'm just not cut out for special forces..."

make glove

What's that, God? You say I should kill them?


No, I'm serious. Miss South Korea's tits were this big.


THIS was your idea of a "romantic evening", Kim? Another public hanging? I've had it! My mother was right about you!


So we press button and bomb go BOOM like this and... are you listening?


Strangely, only Kim Jong Ill and a veteran policemen saw Harry Potter in the sky.


The two spokespeople for LookNoHands Umbrella Company found it hard to compete for Kim Jong Il's attention with a tree full of mutilated corpses.

Lawnmover Man

At the Halloween Costume Contest, even the Counter Strike dressed guy was in awe when someone showed up as GOD.


"Fuck you Morpheus. This is one of your more ridiculous training simulations."


If Wile E. Coyote has taught us anything, it's that umbrellas can be used to save you from bombs.


Where will *you* be when diarrhea strikes?

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