Craptions Classics May 30, 2007

After years of having to put up with Eric's abominable language skills, his speech bubble finally loses it.

Lawnmover Man

Other Craptions

There's Mexican food, and there's Mexican food.


the real spectacle here is not Jimmy's unique ability to breathe fire, but whatever this asshole camera man missed in the shot 4 FEET TO THE RIGHT that seems to have everybody's attention!!!


"Seriously, coke and poprocks dont do -OH SHIT!"


Don't look at me like that. Back in 'Nam we spiked the punch with napalm all the time.


Oh, so now funerals are suddenly off-limits too. Well fuck, Lisa, just where the hell *can* a guy blow fire without being a dick, huh? You tell me.


The audience seemed more amazed at what was spewing out of his groin.


The Christian Evangelical explanation of where the sun comes from.


In his teen years, Jesus was a little bit arrogant and a big showoff at parties.


Frank won the burping contest.


This is the worst kerosine I've ever tasted!"


Pentecost Sunday 2007, the Holy Spirit is back and this time he's pissed off.


And all the other kids had laughed at him when he had the flamethrower lodged in his anus.


As the plane left the tarmack, Jill still couldn't recall if she had remembered to turn off the flaming Steve.

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