Craptions Classics March 09, 2006

The end will come at sundown!-- why isn't anybody listening to me?


Other Craptions

Listen asshole, will you spare the lecture and just tell me how to get to Sesame Street.

A Marine

Later that day, Elmo was arrested for soliciting tickling from a minor.

Linux fan

His 15 minutes of fame over, Tickle-Me-Elmo was replaced by a larger, more aggressive Tackle-YOU-Elmo.


We're gonna have to throw this pic out too, Grover's dick is in the shot again.


"Spare some change? Please? I haven't eaten for days. My family is starv- NO! STOP LAUGHING! IT'S NOT FUNNY!"

le douche

Jonathon shuddered in horror. The girl who had given him his freakiest night of sex ever was back, and she still had the costume on.

Senor Taco

Got five dollar? Elmo love you long time!


Terrorists had finally found a weakness in US security precautions

Rat Boy

Remember kids - Osama bin Laden can be hiding anywhere. Anywhere . . .


No, I'm serious- Gonzo's exposing himself right behind you.

Teh B.S.

When development encroaches on the wild Elmo's native habitat, he turns to alternative prey.

Bakken Hood

I'm not Elmo, I suffer from a horrible disfiguring genetic condition! Quit tickling me for christ's sake!


Although reaching puberty accelerated Elmo's physical growth, his social skills were not as quick to develop.

The TuneHead

Elmo's last picture. A few short moments later, Jeff threw Elmo in front of a speeding moving truck. Apparently, Jeff didn't like to be tickled.

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