Craptions Classics May 26, 2007

Cleaning up after Spider Man was one of the worst jobs in the city.


Other Craptions

When the police cracked down on panhandling in the streets, the homeless took to the air.


"We are such great evil geniuses. Stealing everyones shoe laces was such a great idea. There's going to be loose shoes everywhere.


"Homeless, ye be warned"


I am the coolest guy in the world
- Signed, David Wong

John Cheese

I know we screwed up but, do we REALLY have to eat all this rope.


Ted had doubts about making their own climbing rope out of dental floss but when he tasted its minty freshness, he changed his mind.


The Frizzle brothers' invention of silly string rocket boosters was not enjoying a perfect test run.

Chris Marchand

dont skydive in NYC


Where will YOU be when diarrhea strikes?

tired joke

"Is this a bad time to mention I'm afraid of heights?"


Stress testers for the thong division of Victoria's Secret.


Extreme Macrame


"isnt this parachute supposed to be above us?"


Dave had a tendency to fall asleep on the job

Crtl, Alt, Defeat
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