Craptions Classics May 24, 2007

"Hold my drink, bitch."

USB animl

Other Craptions

"Look, do you want to be white or not? Just drink it."


I offer you this bust of Don Cheadle... and my gratitude.

DJ Cracka Case

My religion has sillier hats than your religion


"Give in to the Dark Side" "What did you say, cracker?"


A black guy, an Indian and the Pope walk into a bar...


"Just spit your gum out in here. Thanks."

Senor Taco

After the 3rd drink Pocahontas looked much more like Disney's version.


P Diddy was in awe by all the bling his Holiness was wearing


Have some grape drink, bitch!


Don't be too proud of this ornithological terror you've constructed. The ability to attract a feathered mate is insignificant next to the Blood of Christ!


Pope Ratzinger laughed heartily. He'd put her through a full weekend of hazing, and she was even about to drink dog piss, and he had no intention of ordaining a female priest.


Jamar and Chief Running deer try to ignore the fact that His Holiness was sporting a boner.

Pastry Burglar

"Yes, yes, drink all of it ... all of it."


Archaeologists today discovered Hitler’s private dart board underneath Berlin

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