Craptions Classics May 22, 2007

The Commissioner ordered the calling sign, hopefully Fratman would appear.


Other Craptions

Many saw the bra as uneccesary; the Conservative Club already attracted a huge ammount of cocks.

Jimmy C

If you build it, she will come.

Howie Pheltersnach

Fed up with conservative dogma, Lady Liberty frees the twins.


The liberals laughed all the way back to their own headquarters-until they saw the giant paper mache aborted fetus.


Bertie, don't look down! It's a booby trap!


excuse me, my eyes are up here.

Timmy IV

The scavenger hunt was not yet complete: While team 1 pontificated on where the last item could be, team 2 was already on their way to the basement for the giant panties.


"Tell Aretha we found it."


"Damn it James. If we don't find it, Pam will be PISSED."


Typically, the Conservatives went for tasteful and understated. Down the road, the Radicals Club went all out with a giant crotchless g-string and a pair of nipple tassles.

El G

"We only get business when it rains."


The Conservatives felt the building needed some extra support.


The trap was set... Dick Cheney would come alright.


Heh, conservatives, what boobs.

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