Craptions Classics May 21, 2007

The first shelf in Rob's collection of "Things I didn't think I'd find more than one of."

Iron Pilot

Other Craptions

wet concrete outside the suguarlump museum.


"I could sure go for some head right now. Go find me some whores, will you."

"Right boss."

Lacks Godfather reference

Many complained about the cruelty to the horses, but strangely, not one complaint was received about the buried jockies.


The addition of Medusa in the Oregon Trail games took a little getting used to


The Black Riders totally thought they ready for Arwen this time. What they didn't count on was her showing up in a cement truck.

Senor Taco

The sacrifices had finally paid off, there would be a Starcraft II.


In the very distant future, scholars take a wild guess at what Animal Farm was about.


A rare image from the beta test of creation.


"Maybe THIS will keep away those damned skateboarders."


Every spawning season, the decapitated horse heads return to the very stone steps where they first hatched, completing the great circle of life once again.


The National Memorial erected to commemorate all of the trusty side-kick horses lost to the Swamps of Sadness.


Knowing the race was lost, Nordberg took the opportunity to leer suggestively at the photo-finish photographer instead.


Vito Corleone's stable.


A prank is pulled on Francis Ford Coppola's front steps

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