Craptions Classics March 08, 2006

"Hmmm, Mars is worryingly close today."


Other Craptions

The kids aren't allowed to play with real bombs until they're 15


Abdul didn't know what was scarier, the basketball about to hit his face or the girl without a veil on.


Sahmed hid his arousal well, for everytime the girl jumped, he could see her trouser covered knees.


This was going to be a tough shot, especially since the basket was that way.


Levitation was a basic skill taught at Hogwarts School of Magic and Islamic Fundamentalism


Jalil threw the ball in desperation. He'd already used all his 9mm rounds but still the hover-zombie drew closer...

Kiss My Balls

This wasn't what Omar had envisioned when he was told he would get 70 virgins.....

Rat Boy

Playing "monkey in the middle" with the invisble kid was always a futile effort.

Choco Taco

Fouad froze. There stood the prettiest girl he had evSMACK

Linux fan

This is exactly what Abdul had envisioned when he was told he would get 70 virgins...

Bat Roy

Secretly, Bhakar yearned for Satir to play with his balls instead..


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