Craptions Classics May 16, 2007

Having grown too big for the underfunded space lab, Vladmir releases his pet astronaut into the wild.


Other Craptions

Not even the vastness of space could offset the greatest gravitational force of all: a father's love.

italian scallion

For good luck's sake, Yevgeni rushes to catch the first falling cosmonaut of autumn

gen sec

Due to vast undercuts the russians had to resort to more primtive methods to get their astronauts into space.


Wait, Yuri! We didn't unhook your catheter!!

Henry Harn

Timmy was lost in space...forever.

Try again?


As John pulled the almost invisible strings, it was agreed that he easily had the best kite in the entire store room.


Try as they might they just couldn't escape the gravitational pull of the man in the back


This is why you respect your elders.

Captain Obvious

Mr Hawking, dont leave without a hug


"NO, Wait, Anton, we don't know what's outside the photo..."


The Russians return their astronauts from orbit a little bit differently than the rest of the world does.


Next on ESPN2


Porygon, I choose you!


Much like he had done with the bicycle many years before, Yuri's father took the astronaut training wheels off and unleashed his son onto the world.

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