Craptions Classics May 14, 2007

The series went downhill after Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive epileptic.


Other Craptions

"See? Regular anus. Please stop asking."


Since all Japanese people can climb walls and shoot webbing anyway, they're really only impressed with Spiderman's superhuman ability to bring it.


The decision to include The Invisible Man as the villain in the fourth Spider-man movie led to some unusual fight scenes but saved a lot of money on CGI


In Japan, Pereru Parkeru was bitten by radioactive FUNK.


Spider-man's power was no match for rapist ghosts.


Spiderman pleaded for mercy, but the little girl in the blue t-shirt wanted revenge. Badly.


The crowd watched in amazement when, at the last second, Spiderman kicked Wolverine to Anctartica.

Bill Kill

"No, no, no, little girl. Those are just special effects. My real web works like this..."

The Admiral

The things you see on radioactive meth


After getting bitten by what Peter Parker thought to be a radiocative cat he immediately tested his supposed new powers but was severely mistaken.


Spidey realized that just half an hour after Chinese break dancing, he was hungry for more..


Mommy, why do all Americans look alike?


Spiderman began to convulse after being sprayed with an economy sized can of Raid.....


Spider-man 4: Electric Boogaloo

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