Craptions Classics May 11, 2007

Here's what I think of your portal to Hell!


Other Craptions

Ahmed was instructed to use a car bomb to attack the embassy. Sadly, he was on a tight budget.


Hotwheels! Leading the way!


"Mike, explain to me again how this is supposed to win Tracy back?"


It was no use, Ahmed couldn't run backward fast enough to escape.


'Wheel of Fortune' is an entirely different game in the middle east.


A little know fact is that Islam dictates homosexuals also wear a burkha.

Manny Calavera

"Ah, fuck it," said Dave as he gave his computer one last kick, "I'll just buy a new one."

Ralph L. Copter

..And that about what its like when I eat at Taco Bell.

I love lamp

The dark lord sauron just couldnt get a break in the middle east


We don't like your kind round here Goodyear!


No tire of my is gonna smoke in my house. Get out!


Danny looked away in terror, this summer job hadn't turned out quite the way he would have hoped.


"They werent afraid of rocks but i bet those tanks will leave now!!!"


Next you dress like an inferior woman, and I kick the tire

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