Craptions Classics May 09, 2007

I call this one "In Jail with Lawrence Fishburn".


Other Craptions

Emily had finally captured Michael Jackson, but at a terrible price.

Admiral Awesome

Cindy had converted ordinary fly-paper to pedophile paper. She only regretted having to use bait.


Little Jamie and her carnivorous Play Dough claim another two victims.

The Apologist

And that's how we deal with mimes in Texas!


What happens when you take the "Red Pill"


Start the reactor Quaid! No, Quaid thats the button for the carboni...AHHHHHH!

Notgoing to winami

Joey is way too baked and way too eight to be wandering around Amsterdam's Sex Museum unattended. And he knows it.

Lakin v Hando

"My daddy and my little brother went out to test-drive the new bike. They should return soon."


At about this point, the two men realized they were fucked. The little girl would feast tonight.


"What do you mean 'haunted'?"


Han Solo Family Picture


It was only when Jabba the Hut decided to paint that he realized Han Solo was pregnant.


Little did she know that she had stumbled upon a wormhole leading to the local church.


As punishment, Michael Jackson would be frozen in liquid carbonite, unfortunately he was able to drag his latest victim with him

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