Craptions Classics May 08, 2007

In a rarely witnessed scene from nature, a Japanese male erupts from its cocoon. If it survives the night, it will head to the city to become an anime artist.


Other Craptions

When Mike played Twister, he played it fucking hardcore.


August 6th, 1945. Ito wonders if his day could get any worse.


The Japanese anti-flag-burning defense mechanism in action.


Before it was an arcade game without bees, thousands were killed each year playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Juan Perez

As he watched the swam erupt from his testicles Hojo realized that he was right, and there had been something off about that prostitute.


Candyman, Candyman, Candyman.. Oh fuck!!


The gateway into the Hell of a Million Hornets couldn't have been more clearly marked.

Black Rabbit

Kenshiro couldn't help but wonder if there was some less painful method of donating blood.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

By the time German schiesse-porn reached Japan, they had already made it into a game show.


Nobody dies in Japan - they are just re-assimilated into 'The Source'


Ersong really was the Bees Knees


"...and it looks as though Ryu has chosen the package containing the killer bees - how unfortunate. Bring in the next contestant!"


"Damnit!!!" thought the Ninja, "that was supposed to make a puff of smoke...."


All your bees are belong to us.

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