Craptions Classics May 04, 2007

The 10 minute period of pre riot stretching was always an awkward time for all involved


Other Craptions

The downside to magnetic shoes.

Timmy IV

The Roman Legions may have conquered the known world, but they were not prepared for New York's eldery Jewish community.


Police respond to the rioting at a local nursing home after the residents learned that Matlock has been cancelled.

Vinnie S

Russia's new "exercise for the elderly" was off to a great start. The most popular program being Tae Bo mixed with civil disobedience.

Crazy Koala

Many Critics felt Cold War: The Musical was a bit lacking


George Orwells unpublished sequel, 1987, featured the new and ruthless Pilates Police


The crowd prepared themselves as the image was rotated 90° in photoshop.


everybody was kung fu fighting...


An example of the Russian government's extremist solutions to minor crimes, such as jaywalking.


The Crowd did not take kindly to The Police's comeback tour.


...and that's why we have Social Security.


....... but getting the elderly back onto the bus, now that was a task in itself!

Ctrl, Alt, Defeat

Of course she went for me first, said the shortest riot cop.

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