Craptions Classics April 30, 2007

Gustave and Cleon's attempts to high-five were being cut short in increasingly convoluted ways.


Other Craptions

Confused if he should go left or right, the horse went into hover mode until they came to an agreement.

El G

Sadly, segregation is still alive in the American West.


Much like De Vinci's early glider, early blueprints for Renaissance biplanes did not properly address fluid dynamics, and called for materials too heavy to achieve liftoff.


"If my theory is correct, this will allow us to travel through time!"
"What if it's not correct?"
"Then I hope to God nobody sees us."


The two groups that aren't normally mentioned in your History text book about the Oklahoma land rush... The Pirates and Soviets!

Lord Blue Berry

What William DIDN'T know was that ghengis kahn hadn't really fallen off his horse. No, revenge would be his today.


Trigger hated taking Ying and Yang to school


Then, suddenly, Velcro-Horse struck again.


The giant had just finished preparing his man & horse sandwich when the phone rang. By the time he got back to the table...


... and then suddenly the horse ran for a narrow openning between two trees.


Cars have a spare tire, while horses come with a spare rider.


It was after this misunderstanding that all pirates agreed to refer to prostitutes as "wenches."


After building a time machine and looking into the distant future to see how we solve our fossil fuel issues, man decided it was better if we all just died before then anyway.


It was then that Fred Durst and Davey Crockett decided that there secret handshake had become too dangerous.

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