Craptions Classics April 26, 2007

"Tell me, human - do you know how centaurs are made?"


Other Craptions

In the East German version of "Mr. Ed," Ed becomes concious of the class based oppression of his equine comrades and inspires them to rise up against the two legged borgeois who exploit them so brutally.

Hilarity ensues.

John Lenin

Ha ha, let's give the horse some more peanut butter so it looks like he's talking! Not so fucking funny now, is it Steve?


Having made it past the guards, agent Brown slips out of his rubber human costume and braces to kick in the door to the vault.


Holey Fuck! A horse!
No, sir. I'm not a horse. You're drunk, and the bank is closing.


Maurice paused for a moment, his mind buzzing with the events of the last five minutes. No one would believe he found Hans trampled to death. Not in this part of Stuttgart.


Never Rochambeau a horse...


On more than one occasion, they had to bring in a stand-in for Sarah Jessica Parker on "Sex in the City." Fortunately, no one ever noticed the difference.

Senor Taco

The Headless Horseman discovers glass


Saw IX wasn't as good as anticipated.


After many years of goin unpaid, Mr. Ed took his producers to court. He lost....and decided to take justice into his own hoofs.


The pain, the deaths, the struggle, the fear; nothing could have prepared Dave for when the Soy Sauce showed him the truth.


"...and don't ever let me hear you gabbin about how you're hung like a horse again, punk."


Jon was a little too gullible. When the guys told him that painting his dick orange and sticking it in the horses mouth would win him a free loan from the bank, he didn't think twice about it.


I'm sorry it had to come to this Hanz, but you will listen to my corporate presentation.

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