Craptions Classics March 06, 2006

Alas, the rumors were true: Chinese women really do have flat jugs.

Mark the Bold

Other Craptions

In communist China, everyone is equal. Except these people.


The Lee sisters feverishly searched for a golden bottle cap. They wanted to win a tour of the magic milk factory more than anything in the world.

Linux fan

How communists make frisbees

the once and future king

Some people go as far as this to win a free X-Box 360.


ZingWa ponders, how many of these will it take to finish my house?


"...the next day, I realized I had dropped my wedding ring inside the jug, and so now I am looking for it."


Sai-jun waited under the pile for the old woman to pick more of his carfully placed bottles up, so he could beat her up for stealing.


Samantha cleans up after the most successful lactation fetish convention ever.

Chab Gassie
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