Craptions Classics April 25, 2007

With the US Army tied up in Iraq, the Mexican invaders could afford to showboat a little.

Harry Handstand

Other Craptions

"Stop everything!" cried the General. "My front fender has been...murdered!"


It was a sad result of the modern economic situation, but Mexicans were simply cheaper than car parts.


Manuel, hands at 10 and 2 and eyes fixed firmly on the road, began to question the professionalism of his motorcycle license examiners.


The ending for the Latino Matrix was strangely much more interesting.


5 years later...

Illegal border crossing has become a spectator sport.


With what felt like 5 hombres hanging from his bike, Pablo was determined to win by a nose.


40 Puerto Ricans in a car is one thing, but six Mexicans on a bike?
That's class.


Border patrol sat dumbfounded as they quickly slipped into the US.


The transformers are more realistic then ever


When Teddy Roosevelt was defrosted from his cryogenic chamber, he decided to reform the Rough Riders and go on a world tour.


In America, they have casual Fridays. In Mexico, they only have The Matrix.

Juan Perez

When everything else failed, Enrique and his friends decided to cross the border using happy thoughts.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

No, seriously, we all respect your army, Mexico....


Mexico's less than successful attempt at a flying motorcycle.

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