Craptions Classics April 24, 2007

The farmers were oblivious, but the house gasped in shock as the dog quietly went down on the photographer.


Other Craptions

Mr. Johnston wished the Amish kids would just TP houses like everyone else.


"Bloody hell! I've found a house, a dog, and a middle-class white man... but STILL that fucking needle's no where to be found!!"

"Oh wait, there it is."


And thus, the skies opened for the lesser known eleventh plague... tumbleweeds.


The house decide to go Brazilian this summer


Scruffy hoped if he could slink away quietly enough, he could get out of having to help clean up the house vomit.


"Extreme Makeover" does the three little pigs.

Timmy IV

Men attack
a haystack
Give a dog a bone


Must... Become... Sofa king!


Man that poor pig. Hope his brothers will be alright.


Dude! This is like TOTALLY like my wife's bush! I mean shit! She is like taking that wierd hair groath shit. When's it gonna end?


Another sign that the Hulk ate too much fiber.

give it to me

No No No Ming Na! you no play wi' food!!


beards on houses.. that'll be the da... the future is a cold and horrible place...

Rudy Roman
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