Craptions Classics April 22, 2007

It was only after banning homosexuality on German soil that the government realised a large and rather obvious loophole.


Other Craptions

Homosexuals have a much smaller Naval force than the Village People led everyone to believe.


As they wandered through the desert, Joe began to see mirages of water. However, Steven had other things on his mind.


One small typo in the Lifeguard Regulations, and beach goers were officially told to "swim between the fags".


"...Paper! You lose, go get him tiger."


The French never really understood the art of war.


"This is it," thought Friede, "people are finally going to know my name!" Then the wind shifted directions and months of planning went down the drain.

Senor Taco

"My God Jim, look at that guy!"
"Jesus Frank, you're right. His flag is back to front!"
"Someone should tell him. It's making him look stupid."


The German Police were clearly outsmarted when Peter declared his body as the Independent Republic of Friede.


To the left and not pictured: An even gayer event unfolding.


A swimming gay was a good show, but all the guys watched the lesbian muff diving.


The first annual pride parade for lemmings was so successful, there probably won't be a second.


"Hey, you assholes told me there were loads of buoys out here!"

Celestial Gold

It finally happened! California fell into the Pacific!


Shoot to kill, Hans! If that flag gets planted on our nation's soil, this beach and all this land will be Rainbow Bright's by right of claim.

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