Craptions Classics April 19, 2007

Lack of education kept Ramón from multiplying, but nothing would keep him from obeying God’s other command.


Other Craptions

Esteban, Chiles finest assassin, was renowned for being able to blend into any background at any given occasion.


Perry, the tree, tries to cross the border disguised as a mexican


Sadly, Corona wasn't even looking for a mascot.


With every awkward stare he got, Omar was less convinced that vertical limes have a slimming effect.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

Manuel knew his time was short. A thirsty pack of limes could suck the blood from a full-grown cow in seconds.


You put the lime on the pimp coke nut, then you smack a ho up.


Before deodorant was invented people had to take more drastic measures to battle body odour.

Yay me

Man I would never go out wearing a headband like that! That just looks plain stupid.


The original Kool-Aid Man costume was rejected after scaring all the children.


Rhazim's exploding vest was constantly made fun of by the other terrorists

The Legendary PK

Coated in salt and garnished with limes Raul spent his sad, lonely life searching in vain for a bathtub of tequila.


This is what we scientist call 'A Fruiting Body'.

Bio Blows!

What do you mean 'The position has been filled'?!?

Mr Jones

You know what I hate? A fruity guy.

There's one looking at me, isn't there?

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