Craptions Classics April 17, 2007

"Now class, I'm going to use this rubber disk and this corncob to demonstrate the dangers of anal sex."
The class snickered, until the disk began bleeding. It was the most successful "scared straight" lesson ever.


Other Craptions

"Okay, the kids can watch an hour of television before bed, and the number of the restaurant where we'll be is on the fridge.

Oh... and you'll need these."

johnny karate

The original version of the Wii went over very poorly.


During his six-million dollar operation, Steve Austin regained consciousness several times and not once did he ever like what he saw.

Senor Taco

The Japanese have taken interrogations to a whole new level.


At first, the idea of Korn CDs was logical, then they saw the prototype.


"What do you have for me today Qu?"
"Well Mr. Bond..."


The next wave of Pokemon didn't quite live up to the hype.


Take these Mr. McGyver, with them you can solve the case and save the girl...We need you to.


And this, children, are how babies are made.


Japanese are puzzled about the meaning of the word "cornhole".


It was annoying and it embarassed him, but it was the only way to stop his "I'm crushing your head" addiction.


Johnny, I don't care if your father is a doctor, things removed from someone's anus are not appropriate show and tell material.

Eric S.

"Sir the results of your prostate exam are not good, allow me to explain."


Sex Ed in Japan is just a bit different than we may remeber from school....

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