Craptions Classics April 16, 2007

Due to budget problems, the Lord of the Rings Play had to come up with a more cost effective Lidless Eye of Sauron.


Other Craptions

Excuse me, buddy... but my eyes are up here.

johnny karate

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, while the Beholder's eye is actually in the crotch of a horned Dwarf.


the reason the description of god was changed to a burning bush.


And free with your PWOT Insider's starter kit comes your official uniform.


Even if you are a Viking, there is still a don't ask, don't tell policy.


....and the knee bone connected to the ......ah.... um ...... breast bone and the breast bone is connected to theknee bone which is connected to the antler - fuck it I give up


One thing was for sure, this would be the last time Dave would grope his girlfriend on LSD


Results of a tragic typo; the surgeon's notes should have read 'implant 2 38DD' not 'implant 238DD'.


Okay, so maybe "Barry the Hairy Dairy Dwarf" wasn't the best mascot idea for the Got Milk campaign after all...


Due to being a little hard of hearing, Bob thought the award was being given to the 'breast dressed'.


'So we're all set for the blind date then. I'll meet you at the bar. You'll recognise me just fine; I'll be wearing a pink carnation.'


One thing was for sure: That pink condom was too damn small.

Timmy IV

This class is the great Norse god of Retards.


We are the knights who say... "NIPPLE!"

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