Craptions Classics March 05, 2006

The German team sniggered as their carefully planted laxatives took full effect...


Other Craptions

As his pants became uncomfortably tight, Chris suddenly realized he took the wrong performance enhancing pill.

Linux fan

Making the helmet linings out of marshmallow was the best way to keep the Special Olympics participants occupied before competition.


This is what happens to everyone the first time they realize they are British.


"Egads!" thought Nigel. Doctor Higgenbottom's nipple hardening potion couldn't have kicked in at a more embarassing time.


Thirty years later, repressed memories of walking in on his grandparents having sex on the kitchen table came firing back into Jeremy's mind at the worst possible time.

Senor Taco

It took Edward thirty minutes to fully suit up. Now he had to pee.

The Man of Many Things

I know olympic officials never check for performance enhancing suppositories, but are they worth the price?


Jericho realizes that, yes, he did leave the stove on.


"Sergeant McDoom! You killed my family and burned my home, but I'm taking you with me to Hell!"


"Tea really does shrink penises!"

Ducati x749

razor blade jock-strap strikes again


It is indeed a frightening sight when men lactate.


it was at this moment that dave knew that in the past, during an extremely drunken party, he was the GOATSE man.


Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?

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