Craptions Classics April 14, 2007

Timmy failed the 'Pick Which Tank The Fish Is In' test, confirming his parents worst fears that he was, in fact, a fucking idiot.

El G

Other Craptions

"...and in the end, he discovers that it is HE who is in fact the pet, and the fish owns him!"

"Look, I'm sorry Mr. Shayamalyn, where just not interested in making these twist-ending movies anymore."


Sweat broke out on the girl's brow. Osmosis wasn't as easy as she had first thought.

Chunky Love

Even though Jonah's children would stare for hours out of them, he never regretted his decision to install windows on the whale.


HDTV home movies (right side) are so clear, your kid practically looks like he could jump off the screen.

Look at the exact same picture on a regular TV (left side). Your own child looks like a blurry salmon!

Buy HD. B

Hello Friends!

It'll be another ten minutes before Kaylee's parents realize her face is stuck to the glass.


What worries me is the fact the glass for the aquarium seems to be held up with black electric tape.


The tank is half empty, the boy finally decided.


In hindsight, flying over the ocean in a hollowed out tree was retarded.


Even little Timmy realized the aquarium should have splurged instead of settling for frosted windows


the poor child was unaware he was being followed


"Okay, honey - hold the window in place right there and I'll be back in half an hour with some screws."

Senor Taco

Using a revolving door while tripping on acid - 1
Small Children - 0


Don't lick the glass on an Arctic aquarium.

Breathing Meat

THe only way to survive watching the box office failure of Water World was from a sealed glass case

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