Craptions Classics April 10, 2007

After masturbating furiously, Scott looked out his open window and realized his worst nightmare had come true.


Other Craptions

The difference between drive-by shootings in Compton and Hollywood are astonishing


"There's a man climbing a huge building? Quickly! To the paparazzi-mobile!"


The truckdriver couldn't hold back his curiousity any longer; he really needed to know what exactly it was he was transporting.


Driving got pretty expensive before rear-view mirrors were invented.


Many of these paparazzi were deeply offended that we took their photograph.


From the hit Japanese game show, "Guess Who Took Your Picture".


The plan had worked, Lure all the photographers to one stand in the stadium and then hit the gas.


its such a shame to dump them; they could so easily be recycled into astronomers...


Even old Detective Conroy had to admit this was one of the most unusual peeping tom calls ever.


After the driver ran over 6 pedestrians he thought it might be best to stop looking at what the paparazzi were looking at and drive the truck.


In Dante's vision of Hell, sinners that have committed the act of "paparazzi" forever lust to take a picture of Dutch super-star, Hanko; all the while, they are confined within the 'Public Service Vehicle of Unending Agony'. They will never find him

lengthy and unfunny

Cleaning up after the super bowl, they always find misplaced photographers.


Bob hadn't quite gotten the hang of the whole illegal alien smuggling business.

lemon joy

Out of frame, the driver behind the truck was understandably uncomfortable, and tried not to do anything embarrassing.

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