Craptions Classics April 08, 2007

And then Axe spray was banned forever.


Other Craptions

Suicide remains a popular spectator sport in Canada.


Jim tried everything to get away from his network, but they followed him [i]everywhere[i].

Some Guy

Where will you be when diarhea strikes?

President Scroob

Egged on by countless townsfolk, Colossus Carl attempts to pry this picture right out of the craption contest.


Carl was really hardcore about Easter egg hunts.


Jake: The world's most dedicated Peeping Tom


John always fantasized about being the last man on Earth having to service all the women, but to his horror he realized Darwin’s theory. The ugly women were far stronger and hornier than the beautiful ones.


He may think he's climbed higher then anyone else, but one person beat him: the cameraman.


23 hours after getting himself stuck in a window, Mike tries valiantly to keep thinking dirty thoughts.

Bob D. Hobo

Nobody asks John Cheese if HE wants fries with that!

Montegue Smythe

Little Timmy wanted to play Spiderman. By the time he got to the top of the building he had aged into Tim, the guy with no education, job, or friends. Unless you count the 2000 people waiting for him to fall.


"WHAT?! You're closed?!"


Billy had to get to just the right distance to be able to see the human "Magic Eye" picture.


Larry was certain gravity would shift sideways any minute now and then all those people down there laughing at him would be screwed.

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