Craptions Classics April 05, 2007

Each flamingo in this memorial represents one of the flamingos that were killed to create this memorial

Matt Pee

Other Craptions

Fighting fire with fire, New York moves to protect itself from terrorists with walls made of pure insanity.


It is scientific fact that Flamingos cannot cross pavement.

Mrs. Whipple

Once it froze over, you realized that Hell was actually kind of stupid.

Silly Billy

So wait say it again a thousand what attacked your dog?


So this is what dogs see.


A much less terrifying version of Hitchcock's "The Birds" never made it past pre-production.


Their time had come. May God have mercy on us all.


According to legend, if you looked one of the flamingos in the eye, you became one of them. But, Sparky thought that was just fool's talk.

Eric S.

the migration pattern of the yard flamingo is, for some strange reason, the exact opposite of real birds.

Timmy IV

Even though the wall had been removed the flamingo's were still afraid to enter the promised land


someone played too much sims


the aliens finally completed their plan. Unforunately, theyre studies were incorrect and the flamingos were noticed


One of the lesser forseen side effects of global warming was the migration of all Floridians to Toronto.


After being introduced into a foreign habitat, the plastic flamingos multiplied with no natural predator, and the city planned to send in huge amounts of wolves and wives with good taste.

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