Craptions Classics April 04, 2007

John would never get over the fact that after years of training he lost the downhill portion of the winter olympics to his own ski.


Other Craptions

And in that moment, with the combined mind power of the worlds population, Clay Aiken was wiped from existence.


Few ever make it past the abominable snowman's mine field.


Jason's snowboard looked back in horror as it fled... there was nothing it could do - it had a wife and two skateboards to feed.


Unfortunately, avalanche beats paper.


They never found out why the snow making machine also spewed out skis and human hands.


Luke's Jedi mind powers might get his ski back... but he's still basically screwed after that.


When God ejaculates, nobody escapes.

the moo

If you squint, the snow cloud kinda looks like a lion creeping up on an anthill on its left.


You if squint real hard you can see a skier shitting in his $800 snow pants.

H. Parmington

Tragically, the Professor was a moment too late to grasp the Ski Of Not Exploding.

Breathing Meat

Billy french fried when he should have pizza'd.


Luke, the ski, the ski!! Not the mountai#@#%&#$


Man...You should have seen me wipeout...But damn, lost my two free IPOD Nanos.


Keith Richards? Is that really you...

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