Craptions Classics April 03, 2007

"Do you two gentlemen understand why I pulled you over today?"


Other Craptions

..and henceforth it shall be called a cockpit.


...And that's why all the little Australian children fear a visit from Australian Santa.


THAT'S what happened to Amelia Earhart?


not to worry mr president. we have our best men on the job.


"....and the yellow stick controls MY in-flight entertainment."


lol, internet.


'A-Team: the movie' was never completed due to Mr T's increasingly erratic behaviour.


"Hello, my name is Ng-Click-Pop and I'll be your captain. Please put on your seatbelt, keep your penis in the upright and locked position, and I hope you enjoy your flight."


"Oh no I'm not the pilot. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express."

Glock Magnum

In his later years, Chewbacca took up body waxing to fit in better with human society. Unfortunately, he never did get the hang of dressing himself.


Sure, Marfu would smile for the camera, but his eyes betrayed his true feelings - the blue armband on the new uniform was just too gay!!!


As George W Bush walked towards the Marine One helicopter on the White House lawn, the pilots door suddenly swung open. "Hey," he thought, "that's not the regular guy."


jet blue finally reveals why passengers were stuck on a plane for 10 hours


Our altitude is much to low! Pull up! Pull up!

I can't! My erection is in the way!

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