Craptions Classics April 02, 2007

Jesus, no wonder Asian kids are so stressed out about their grades.

Matt Pee

Other Craptions

In the future, the government divides people into two groups: cunts and assholes.

German Agent

B was fucked. Hepatitis A and C had joined forces.


What started as an innocent 3-way paint ball battle, turned into an alliance in chemical warfare to eliminate the B team.


Kiss Army is so much cooler than AC/DC Hazmat Unit.


The Boston PD later discoverd it was just a light bright.


Jeff sighed as he noticed his boner. He knew posting his hazmat fetish online was a bad idea.


"...and so, due to budget cuts, the air-tight hazmat suits are going to be held together with masking tape."


Medical Examiner interns about to autopsy Anna Nicole's vagina.


You guys... dave you were supposed to be U, mick you were N, and bob you were going to be T. now we just look retards.


The cleaning army is here bitches!!


I know my ACD's and 124's!


..."hit the target" banner ad for the blind.


All Chinese Ass Cooking Competion


All the "African" guys go that way. All the "Chinese" guys go that way. And the rest of you Klan members who haven't been assigned a letter, should just hate everyone until we let you know your letter.

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