Craptions Classics March 29, 2007

After hours of arguing over whose fault the crash was, Bob finally throws the first punch.


Other Craptions

The truck might have jumped the fence if Tim hadn't been there to fend it off.


Using the truck as leverage, Sam pulls the forest right side up again.


There's another way to empty this thing?...


Trying to save a group of campers from being killed by a free-falling 18-ton truck, The Incredible Hulk turns back into Dr Bruce Banner at a very wrong time.


- "This is madness!"
- "Madness? This is ALABAMA!"

Redneck Leonidas

After scratching the company truck, Earl buries the evidence in a shallow grave.


Optimus'little brother, Bobby Prime, knew that this photo wouldn't help him shed the black sheep of the family image, waking up drunk in a ditch, with some redneck giving him a handjob...


Like people in many other industries, Superman's job was eventually outsourced to the third world.

Juan Perez

Feeding time at "Truck Zoo" is always the most exciting part of the day.


- Remember, Optimus Prime, when I promised to kill you last? I lied!

The Captain

Larry you idiot! Its the other way around, dirt goes in the truck!


Superman thought he was pretty badass because he could squeeze a lump of coal so hard it turned into a diamond, but then he saw Mullet Man squeeze an empty beer can so hard it turned into a half ton truck...


This is crap. Everyone else gets a normal person as a partner. I get a fucking monster truck. I can't even begin to imagine how we're going to pass the swimming part of the obstacle course.


Next week, on Man vs. Wild; Bear Grylls shows his viewers how to stop a rampaging truck in a Jungle by setting it into a 90 degree vertical incline and preceding to punch it right in the chin. Yeah, I shat myself hearing that too.

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