Craptions Classics March 28, 2007

Chow turned a deep shade of red when he realized that Emily did, in fact, notice his erection.


Other Craptions

Further proof of the negative correlation between vehicle size and penis size.

Red Streak

What the crowd finds more distracting than a red naked man riding a bike, I don't wanna know.


If THIS doesn't make communism more appealing to Americans, nothing will.

Htoobllot Ylliw

The Emperor hoped nobody would notice how excited he was about his new clothes.


Though they lose their wings, and thus must find an alternate means of transportation, there are positives to being fallen angels.


The repercussions of the atomic bombs are still being felt today in Japan.


Satan's cruising for hookers again.........

Sgt. Grumbles

Using a piece of tubing and a lump of icecream, Peter rode the hot city streets in chilled penis comfort.


Takatsu got the Hellboy costume wrong. All wrong.


I think his name is Wang.


Then Batman said, "fuck that, the police are on their own."


Red? Of course i am red you don't get an 8ft. penis errected without a little work.


The Blue Man Group was never the same after their erotic cousin came to America


Chang quickly sped away in disgust when he found out the hard way that his 1200 pound hooker was in fact, on the rag.

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