Craptions Classics March 26, 2007

The people were getting desperate. They had thrown bottles, bats and even their friends into the wall of shields.

Then, from out of nowhere, came Morgan Freeman with a fishing rod...

Not a single policeman survived.

Other Craptions

The Riot Police almost always won the Annual Red Rover Tournament.


New to protesting, Omar tries to start a mosh pit.


Rarely seen, a mother SWAT team gives birth.

Benny B and The Durbs

Every year a new recruit was superglued to a riot shield and it was always funny.


After the rain of arrows failed to penetrate, they decided to launch Aaron.


Lenny forgot his shield. He hoped no one would notice he was using a Shawn instead.


Due to all the drama generated by today’s modern media (worldwide massacres, bloody pandemic scenarios, etc.), when a real zombie attack did occur, the police handled the situation with relative ease and, honestly, it was quite a letdown.


Robert was sure he'd win the fishing contest until he saw what the police had caught.


Although the crowd was comprised of only two people, the riot squad was already there and getting paid time and a half...

jamaican paradise

Unable to locate a pile of leaves to jump in, Calvin settled for the next best thing.

Baron von von von

With the riot squad protecting themselves, the terrorist fisherman expected this to take a while. What he didn't expect, however, was a tiny chinaman with a plank hopping out jumpkicking him in the throat.


So it turns out riot shields have a hive mind. Get enough of them together and they can actually fight crime on their own.


Aaron jumped and the wall caved slightly, just for him to get in a good fart...

...the shield wall was broken

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