Craptions Classics March 25, 2007

Originally, the introduction of the chocolate shake was not a popular one


Other Craptions

Burger King had to be dealt with.


When Ronald says no one taller than this is allowed in the ball pit, he fucking means it.


The Emperor himself is comming to oversee construction of the final phase of the new fry machine.

Imperial Guardsman

Unfortunately, the irony of wearing a symbol of white supremacism with the face of a Cuban Communist revolutionary on the side was lost on the group.

Bob Dole

In the 90s, KKK started fighting obesity in order to improve its tarnished image


OK, you win. Lunch now, lynch later.


"And in health news today, McDonald's executives announced that their popular McNuggets would be switching to all white meat."

Hot Wheels

The Bi-racial Ku Klux Klan stood around confused. Who was it they hated again?


"I'm Lynchin' It"

Mmm Good

The Hamburgler, Version 2


With his disguise in place, Rico quietly tiptoed up behind the Klan's Grand Wizard and began to silently apply the stencil on the side of his hood.

If he pulled this off, he'ed become a legend!

Rico's pal

I knew one day McDonalds would get too powerful. I told them all. But nobody listened.


The unfortunate typo of "breakfast lynch and dinner specials" had drawn a bad crowd.

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