Craptions Classics March 24, 2007

Somewhere in the pond, there is a nice family of white ducks wondering where their TV went.


Other Craptions

Having ran out of real reasons PC's suck Apple just started making shit up.

Craption Man!

After the success of the "one laptop for every child" campaign, World Vision just got carried away...


and so it became known that the monitor was indeed a witch and later burned at the stake


In this version of the fable, the ugly duckling turns out to be just plain ugly, grows up to be an antisocial computer geek, and spends his time cooped up in his corner of the pond inventing Internet craptions.

Jifted Kid

Not really. Cathode ray tubes are glass vacuums. They weigh less than the volume of water they displace.

less is mowe

Once you get past the fact that a duck is pecking at a computer screen, you'll wonder why the monitor is floating.


Had this been a white duck, It wouldn't have been 'looting'


"The reception is getting better, keep diving"


In the wake of hurricane Katrina, even the animal societies broke down and resorted to petty looting.

Yellow Dart

Just when you thought that nothing else could possibly connect via USB 2.0 Bill Gates does it again...but why the earth's core?


The monitor floated, but the scanner, printer and PC itself were no more. Reginald's life savings were gone.


Bill would end up winning the amateur photography contest primarily on the strength of the all too cleverly titled "duck screen-saver."

Jack Sparrow

For a black duck they call it "looting" for a white duck it's called "gathering"


We see here a representation of the orbit of the moons around Uranus.

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