Craptions Classics March 23, 2007


2001 PT cruiser, 1.6 petrol, 74000 miles, ABS, 5 doors, Alien parasite host, a/c, aloy wheels...


Other Craptions

They mostly come out at auto shows. Mostly.


Many people saw the producer's decision of replacing Xzibit with H.R. Giger as a risky move.


This is what happens when you put gas in them past midnight.


Although the last ditch efforts of Dark Horse comics to attract fans was admirable, Alien Vs. Ford was not recieved well.

Happy Cat

Frank, when I asked you to make a PT cruiser hybrid...I meant the gas-electric type....not this...

Money Penny

It goes through mechanics pretty fast, but it's the only vehicle you can leave unlocked in NYC.


Harry? Harry! Remember when we were driving home last night and I said I thought we hit something, and you said I was imaginging it?


Trip to LV-426 in the Zeta Reticuli system: $400Billion. Extensive bioweapons engineering research program: $200B. Having a car that can rip your enemy’s face off and plant chest-bursting demonic monstrosities in his chest: Priceless.


And over here, we've got Weyland-Yutani Corp's latest model, the LV-426. I tell you, this baby's got a serious monster under the hood.


In spacious cars, no one can hear you scream.


When she insisted we buy a PT Cruiser, I got her to agree I could pick the color. Dumb bitch.


So this is what they meant when they said Cerberus was taking over Chrysler.


"Yeah, we hit a massive buffalo, then it died and decomposed. Frankly, we think the car looks better like that."


Automotive historians say this was the moment Daimler-Benz started having second thoughts about the merger.

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