Craptions Classics March 21, 2007

Dave questioned the goodness of humanity as the bystanders made no attempt to stop the ghosts raping him.


Other Craptions

5 feet 2 inches. The corpse-tossing contest had a winner.


Any breakdancing circle can be hilariously sabotaged by a well placed patch of superglue.

mos def

Johnny is ridiculed by his peers for his inability to do push ups.


Dave couldn't be happier. The timing on his seizure was so perfect that no one in the breakdance circle noticed it. Seems like he will be holding the title again this year.


In soviet Russia dance breaks YOU


The party was going great until Steve was captured by the ants.

silver bullet

Its hard to one up Chuck Norris. But headbutting the earth was a good start.


Ted was a man of many talents. Not only could he hold his body in strenuous positions but he could also play the invisible flute with his penis.


His methods are unorthodox, but nobody cleans the sidewalk like Bill.

Juan Perez

Sammy didn't even make it to the "M" in his upside-down version of "YMCA".


Johnny did this. Every day. Again and again. For money. Ask yourself, is your job really any different?


Beat that David Blaine

The Rake

Are glue traps really the humane way to dispose of 80's rejects? You decide.


Damn super glue....

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