Craptions Classics March 19, 2007

In a terrible case of irony, Tim finds the only water fountain in Hell, just as Hell freezes over.


Other Craptions

Although Sub Zero's powers are pretty sweet for fighting to the death, they are an inconvenience everywhere else.


"Whoever removes the sword from the ice rock using only his teeth has the right to rule Canada for the rest of his life"


Curiosity got the better of this unfortunate hobo, as he bent down to get a closer look at the thing beneath the ice and realised too late that it was a quickly rising submarine.


Oh, if he only knew it was a broken sewer main...


Every day, one unlucky man drew the short straw, and was ordered to pleasure Argul the Iron-Demigod where he lay trapped in the glacier, that he may not grow wroth and break free. Some of the town elders suspected that Antonio intentionally broke hi

Jack Sparrow

Francois entitled his new piece, "Unsheltered Man Drinks From the Urban Iceberg". Postmodern art is absurd.


Once the fountain froze over, it was extemely easy for the bums to get to those hard to reach quarters.


This be another test!

Testy McTesterson
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