Craptions Classics March 02, 2006

Noone beats God at paper-scissors-rock.


Other Craptions

Their Pet Rock had grown substantially from its original size, but they still brought it along on every family outing


The rock slowly inched closer to the unsuspecting tourists. This was going to be the best rockslide ever.


The dungbeetle had spent years making the Ultimate Weapon, and now the time had come to avenge his father's death


Is it just me, or are natural disasters getting lazier?


Rick sighed happily with his wife as his son played a few feet in front of him. After Friday he'd finally be retired from the police force and spend more time with the family.


"Mom, Dad, look out! Behind you!!"

"Nice try son, but we're not falling for that one again."


The hermit crab was excited. This was the first suitable shell it had found since the nuclear testing.


"Daddy... what is it?"
"It's art, son. I don't get it either. That's why artists are gay."


"Daddy, the sky had a baby!"


Sanjay, come back! It's not safe out there.

Linux fan

The comet decided not to holiday at this beach next time. There were too many kids.

Chab Gassie

The New Supersize Reisen Chocolate Chew....Brought to you by God...


Here we see the indigenous Stalker-Rock species carefully usings its perfect camouflage to catch its prey.


"I can't believe that car didn't hit me, must be my lucky day"

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