Craptions Classics March 13, 2007

"Remember that time you asked what one thing I would grab if the barge was sinking? Turns out it was a propane tank. Yeah, I'm gonna miss Rex too."


Other Craptions

"See, your problem is that you are thinking like a pessimist. The way I see it, half of the cars are still above the water..."


"Yeah. 40 tons, you can print up the sign. You know, I can't help but think there's a better way to figure out the weight limit on a bridge."



"Hi. Yes? No, sorry, I'm not interes- wait. As a matter of fact, yes. Yes, I could use some auto insurance right about now."


Do you find yourself calling phone sex hotlines at inappropriate times? You might be an addict.


"Hey Mom? Yeah, its Pete. I'm moving back in."


Superman rubbed his temple as he tried to collect his wits. He remembered the party, the jelly shots, and being angry about the traffic on the way home, but everything after was a blur.

The Admiral

"Hello? Is Whopflopple Elementary open?"


"Hey John, you remember back when we bought the ferry and the guy at the dealership told us it could carry 60,000 pounds and you said 'what happens if i put on 60,001?'? yeah, I just found out."

Guava Rockstar

Yeah, so I stacked the feathers on the left side and the cars on the right side to keep things organized, then it all went to hell. I don't get it.


"Yeah, I guess Poseidon just wanted it more."

Juan Perez

Maybe I should just leave a note... Yeah, yeah I'll leave a note.


The lost city of Atlantis was finally recovered from the sea. Alas, they paved it and put up a parking lot.


"If you have a better way to wash fifty cars at once, I'd like to hear it."


"No, Peppy, that was not the right time to do a barrel roll."

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