Craptions Classics March 10, 2007

Elephants can't read.


Other Craptions

The drug trafficking scheme went perfectly until a nosy policeman asked to look in the trunk.


Dave quickly rang 1-888-NYC-SAFE, if this didn't count as suspicious, nothing would.


And after all that time, it turned out that what they were really smuggling was elephants.


The Republicans hold their convention in NYC.


Yo, how come all the AFRICAN elephants be pulled over by the cops, but the Asian elephants are just waltzing right through? This is racism man.


Too bad the elephants couldn't see the "Suspicious activity" sign, or the weird humans would have already been arrested and taken back to the zoo.


Quit bitching, Hannibal, crossing the Alps isn't that hard...


Georgio was sad to see his taxi cab service replaced by the New York's brand new eco-friendly Elephant Bowel Expressway, but as a satisfied customer reported: "I know it takes a little longer, but the interiors are just so much more sanitary!"


"So, how did you invade NYC?"
"Trojan elephant trick. Works everytime."


People got wise to the car toll and started taking elephants to work.


"Hey, are you new in town too? My ol' uncle Stampy told me that if you are an elephant in the USofA, New York is the place to be!"


The lane for elephants was backed up for miles. The lane for invisible elephants, tens of miles.


20 minutes later, the 1-888-NYC-SAFE department was richer than Bill gates.


Steve thought that if elephants could fool the closed sign he could too.

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