Craptions Classics March 09, 2007

This is what you get when you type in instead of


Other Craptions

Fuck this, we need taller soldiers.

Celestial Gold

The cocaine raid was the world knew exactly what made The Magic Schoolbus so magical.


Well then what did I wear the kneepads for?


... and this is just one of the least suggestive combat positions in the military.


It was a useful maneuver until the insurgents started putting porn on the bus walls.


"And if you look out your right window, you'll see the amazingly tall soldiers of the Amazon."

Deodorant yum

Crotch-watch remains one of the least-liked but most vital roles in modern military life.


- Sir wouldn't it be easier to just use the door?
- Yes but much less enjoyable...


"But Mom, all the other soldiers are gonna make fun of me..."
"We can't afford new camos right now. You'll just have to make do with your brother's pajamas."


I think I like the older-style periscopes better.


I expect this from the Navy, but the Army?


O'Brien... if you push on the back of my helmet one more time, I'm gonna drop you. Then I'm gonna shoot you in the face.


Tom, Dick & Harry liked to be on top while Larry, Curly and Moe like to be on the bottom. But it was Steve that liked to watch from inside.


Ever heard of the phrase "hitting two balls with one stone"

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