Craptions Classics March 08, 2007

Bob and Morty analyzed the situation and sighed. This was the most confusing mini-putt hole ever.

mike hunt

Other Craptions

Well, technically Jim's dog was still winning the fight. That's all that really mattered.

The Admiral

As Rover and Daisy found out, an interracial relationship still draws dirty looks when you are in the south.


Bob looked first at the dogs, then hopefully at Jim.


Thoroughly engrossed in watching the two dogs go at it, Joe and John hardly noticed the two men shitting on the sidewalk only a few feet in front of them.

wet mice

"No, I suppose the new design doesn't really make me any hungrier for Big Macs. Let's go back to the golden arches for now."


The Germans mistook the dog's desperate attempt to perform the heimlich maneuver as something very, very erotic.


The last four humans on earth uttered a collective sigh.


Other than that, porn in France is pretty much the same.


Playstation 3 adds just keep getting more and more bizarre.


Moscow State Circus has lost its glitz since the good old days of communism.


Wait a minute! Sparkles!? Cheating whore!

The Laughing Man

If rusty could pull off the suplex the fight was as good as over


When the snow finally melted in Antartica, what was revealed were The Backstreet Boys and something much more entertaining.


The rest of the Resivior Dogs never knew this about Mr. pink.

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